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Серия статей LA Times o WalMart. Характерная цитата :”Kang said Wal-Mart was paying Han Soll about $3 a shirt — a few cents less than last year.

Asked what he would do if the retailer pressed for an even lower price, Kang grew quiet. “We would have to find something,” he said finally. “Honestly speaking, I don’t know what it is.”

Интересно, не знал, что: ” It wasn’t long ago that Wal-Mart was fighting to keep manufacturing jobs on U.S. soil.

In 1985, founder Sam Walton launched his “Bring It Home to the USA” program. “Wal-Mart believes American workers can make a difference,” he told his suppliers, offering to pay as much as 5% more for U.S.-made products.

In his 1992 memoir, “Made in America,” Walton claimed that the program had saved or created nearly 100,000 jobs by using “the power of this enormous enterprise as a force for change.”

К чему же приведёт бесконечная погоня за наиболее дешёвой продукцией?

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