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Книги – из недавно-прочитанного

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  1. Иван Бунин “Окаянные дни”;
  2. Тэффи “Воспоминания”;
  3. Юрий Олеша “Зависть”;
  4. Adam Hochschild “King Leopold’s Ghost”;
  5. Пушкин “Борис Годунов”;
  6. Гончаров “Обломов”;
  7. Sam Lipsyte “The Ask”
  8. Margaret Atwood “Oryx and Crake”;
  9. Margaret Atwood “The Year of the flood”;
  10. Bryan Ward-Perkins “The Fall of Rome and the end of civilization”;
  11. Peter Heather “The Fall of the Roman Empire: a New History of Rome and the Barbarians
  12. Christopher Beckwith “Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present”;
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