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Perfect day for a trip to our favorite city. The weather was ideal. We spent a lot of time in Central park. But before that I was walking along the 84th street and a doorman in a building made a sign to me to come over, I did and he pointed me to a pair that was walking about 50 feet behind, it was Woody! And I have an iPhone shot to prove it:

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Хорошая сказка

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I really like this summary that I found on one of the blogs, pretty much in line with my observations, even though I am of a different generation than him:

As one of them “Millenials” (ugh, can’t anybody think of a better name?) my personal experience has been the same. Pf, cube, r€nato, and most of the other commenters are spot on in their analysis with the exception of religion, I don’t think my generation is any more or less religious than previous ones. I’m a Californian so my thoughts may not be in line with what’s going on with the rest of the nation, but as far as I’m concerned:

1. Bush blew it, big time. Since I was born in 1988, I remember the Clinton years and his presidency kicked ass compared to the asshole in office now. I actually liked him in 2000, but he lost me with the Patriot Act and it’s been all downhill from there.

2. The internets. Virtually all of my politically active friends read a political blog. Those who aren’t watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I don’t know anyone who would admit to seriously watching Fox News, and the only place I think I could find someone who did is the College Republicans club.

3. Diversity. I don’t know how you guys were educated, but in my early years we were taught to be tolerant and respectful of those who are different from us. And even if that didn’t sink in it was impossible at my schools to not make a friend outside your race, because your race never made up more than half your class. So the gay-bashing and brown-people fear-mongering won’t work.

4. My future looks dimmer than yours! I currently go to a public university, the same one my history teacher went to in the 70s. Only he paid absolutely nothing to attend, and I’m stuck with a $10,000 bill in school “fees” alone every year, a number that keeps going up. I see people cry about how scary socialist universal healthcare is going to rape our freedoms, but I’ve seen some of my medical bills and they’re not pretty: $2,000 for an ER visit, $6,000 for orthodontics. I get kicked off of my parents’ very generous healthcare plan (hooray government employees!) after I graduate school, and then what am I supposed to do? Get healthcare from my employer? In this economy? I saw my dying grandfather fight his health insurance company so he could see a doctor. Mine initially rejected my claim for the ER visit. Not an emergency, they said. Scum of the earth, I say.

I also see an electorate that not only refuses to invest in the future, but actively seeks to rob us so that they can have MORE MONEY NOW! Healthcare? It costs money! Public transportation? Costs money! Cutting down on pollution? Costs money! Helping the poor? Costs money! It’s all about tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts! You greedy motherf**kers. F**k you, Baby Boomers. It has gotten to the point that even as our government faces the largest deficit in history, even as our desperately outdated infrastructure rots, when we need a massive green energy project just to survive – BOTH candidates are proposing overall tax cuts. It’s sick. And they have to, because you Boomers are too damn greedy to accept anything else.

And you know who pays for your greed? Us. When the oil runs out, when the massive bill for your wars and tax cuts and deficit spending comes due, Boomers will be six feet under. It will be my generation that has to pick up the pieces. The best years of your generation are behind you, but mine are going to be spent trying to repair everything your massive greed has damaged.

So you bet your ass I’m left-wing.

Sorry, I know how venomous the above is but I’m sure it’s what a great many of us are feeling.

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